PRCN Displacement Demo

Hi everyone,

As you have seen in previous blogs, the Price Research Center North (PRCN) welcomes visitors from around the world to do demos and tests on a variety of projects. The team in the PRCN solve unique air distribution challenges on a daily basis, and our camera crew was able to sneak in earlier this morning to chat with one of our engineers about a demo they just finished. They were trying to answer the common question: Can you put a displacement system behind an architectural covering? Check out the video below to see what we found!

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Young Associates Tour Price

Hello everyone,

Recently, a group of young professionals called the Young Associates visited Price to tour our world class lab, as well as hear presentations about Price’s successful journey since it began in 1946. We always enjoy the opportunity to welcome groups, especially those who are just beginning their careers, and share our experiences. Take a look at the video below for some moments that we captured behind the scenes.

MCW Engineering Visit

Happy New Year!

Hopefully your 2010 is off to a great start. Price’s year has already been busy and filled with visits to Price Research Center North. Today’s video blog shows an interview and some clips from the latest visit from Toronto’s MCW Consultants Ltd. MCW is doing a lot of work with the government of Nunavut, Canada. MCW’s website explains:

“The 39 government buildings in the capital of Canada’s newest territory consume $5.5 million of energy and water annually. MCW will be providing a savings-guaranteed and fully-financed energy performance program. The buildings include educational and health care facilities, office buildings, and residential buildings in the city of Iqaluit. This program is a key component of the Nunavut Energy Management Program and the Save 10 initiative.”

It sounds like a very challenging and exciting project, so Price was very happy that MCW visited Price Research Center North to do some testing for an Iqaluit educational facility. Check out the video below!

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Berkeley Researchers at PRCN

Good morning, I hope you enjoyed our very first video blog on Friday. If you missed it, check it out here. Today’s post is another video blog, also filmed in Price Research Center North, but it’s about a completely different project. Last week a couple of researchers from Berkeley University in California traveled to Winnipeg to study displacement systems in the Radiant Test Chamber. Although Dr. Bauman explains it best in the video below, the main focus of the study was to better understand how displacement systems interact with radiant systems. Although the results are still in development (an official paper based on the results is being compiled as we speak), my sources in the lab tell me that Berkeley’s findings were quite extensive. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more. For now, check out how the lab team set up the Radiant Test Chamber, and see what the research was all about:

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