Advancing the State of the Art in Sustainable Design

Fraunhofer’s Boston Headquarters

Energy efficiency, design innovation, and historic urban architecture – Fraunhofer’s Building Technology Showcase (BTS) represents the bright future of sustainable design; a future that Price Industries is deeply committed to being a part of.

The BTS is Fraunhofer’s headquarters in Boston’s fast-growing Innovation District, a deep energy retrofit of a 100-year-old building that serves as a “living laboratory” for R&D of advanced sustainable energy technologies. Prior to beginning the retrofit, Fraunhofer reached out to BR+A Consulting Engineers – a noted leader in the sustainable design community. BR+A then enlisted Price to supply the majority of the HVAC equipment on the project, as no other manufacturer could respond to the strict demand for highly innovative, research-driven products. Price jumped at the chance to participate in this sophisticated living lab, which would allow us to test our products in a variety of new and interesting applications.

One such application can be found on the sixth floor, where Price Natural Ventilation (NV) technology is used in combination with a radiant ceiling. This system is governed by an experimental controls sequence that attempts to satisfy space conditions using NV and operable windows first, and then brings on the radiant panels for cooling simultaneously if necessary. If conditions can still not be satisfied, the NV system will turn off and the controls will switch over to fan coils.

This space will be used to evaluate occupant comfort and indoor conditions during various periods of the year. Tests will compare conditions when using NV alone, as well as when the system is coupled with radiant panels. Our goal is to better understand flow sensing for NV systems, and to develop algorithms that predict ventilation rates based on differential pressures, fan speed, and damper position.

Price is working hand in hand with Fraunhofer on a number of other research initiatives as well, including sustainable energy analysis and real time data logging. Price has always been eager to collaborate with research leaders – including USC Berkeley and the National Research Council of Canada – and our work with Fraunhofer is a continuation of this relentless invention. Installing new products and learning from their application; collecting real-time data from an occupied building – this is where the true value of the Fraunhofer project lies.

To arrange a tour at the Building Technology Showcase, contact the Price events team at

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Price Active Beams Bring Modern Comfort to Ogden High School

A school’s air distribution system is a key component in creating a safe, comfortable learning environment for students. In undertaking a cafeteria renovation and commons area addition, Ogden High School in Utah took this into account and incorporated Price Active Beams into the project.

The following video explores the project and the reasons why Price Active Beams were the ideal choice for Ogden High School. Enjoy!

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The Story of The Handbook

Over the past two years 50 Price staff members have been working relentlessly on the first-ever Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook—a groundbreaking industry resource that combines the application of fundamental HVAC concepts with field experience and design guidance.

This 1,300 page reference text  features 99 examples, 15 research highlights and over 1,000 graphics to help explain concepts and systems, our hope is that this handbook will be of benefit to all practicing engineers in the air distribution industry, as well as architects, contractors, students, and anyone else interested in HVAC systems.

The journey from inception to print was enjoyable and thoroughly educational for everyone on the Handbook Team. Now that the first shipments have been sent to Reps and 10,000 personalized books will be hand-delivered to engineers across North America in June, we’d like to share a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook.

Without further adieu, we give you the Lead Engineer on the Project, Julian Rimmer.


The Story of The Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook from PriceHVAC on Vimeo.

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100% On Time Shipping

Hey everyone,

Price employees always pride themselves on providing an excellent customer experience and building trust and relationships with our customers. Some of our customers have even summed up our dedication and service as “The Price Experience.” This month, the Atlanta manufacturing facility was able to hit a new level of service achievement by delivering orders 100% on time for six months consecutively! Congratulations to the team for all of their hard work. Check out this video for more about how we did it.

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